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Lunaz Group

The Lunaz Group is headquartered in the UK’s advanced automotive engineering and technology heartland. As our Business continues to grow our support teams are growing too

Lunaz Design

Lunaz Design furthers the legacies of the most celebrated classic cars in history through restoration, re-engineering and conversion to the Lunaz proprietary electric powertrain.

Lunaz Applied Technologies

Upcycles and converts heavy-goods and industrial vehicles in response to the globally legislated push towards zero-emissions powertrains.

One Business : One Voice
One Workforce : One Goal

SPARKS positively influences the behaviour of the Lunaz community. Everyone is held accountable to a standard that brings more shape to how we do things. Our Values help us all raise our game by having guiding principles to work with, they empower us all to bring a higher and consistent standard of behaviour to the Lunaz Group Culture. One where we are all proud to belong.

The SPARKS Values give a common purpose to our Lunaz community that can be understood, worked towards and lived everyday

Caroline Herman (HR Director)

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